Since the launch of Custom Search, we've seen more and more webmasters, publishers and organizations enable high-quality search engines on their web sites and blogs to help their users find what they're looking for. Thanks to your continuous feedback, we've been able add new features and global support, resulting in even more growth.

Now, the Custom Search platform is expanding further by simultaneously improving our indexing for your search engine and broadening our reach to power AdSense for Search. AdSense publishers can now create Custom Search Engines (CSEs) and take advantage of the most popular customization features right within their AdSense accounts.

As you may know, Custom Search is built on top of the Google index, which means that pages that are available on are also available to your search engine. In addition, Custom Search now maintains its own index for enhanced coverage for web sites included in CSEs.

If you have pages that aren't currently being indexed in, you can let us know about these pages by submitting a Sitemap through Webmaster Tools, and pages in your Sitemap that aren't included in the Google index will be detected and indexed for your search engine. Improved index coverage is not instantaneous as it takes some time for the pages to be crawled and indexed. Please also note that this improved indexing only affects search results within the search engine you create, not your rank and indexing on

We'd like to welcome all AdSense publishers to the Custom Search community! By growing our community, we're hoping to work with more of you to help users across the web find exactly what they're searching for.