Posted by: Vrishali Wagle, Software Engineer

Since we launched Custom Search Engines (CSEs) last year, we have seen search engines created on a variety of topics. Many of these search engines are open to volunteers and would love to have you contribute to them.

Now, it's easier for you to find all of these CSEs. Go to the Featured Examples page and type relevant words into the search box at the top of the page. We will search for these words in the fields for the search engine's name, description, keywords, and popular queries. If you're interested in finding a search engine to contribute to, search specifically for search engines that allow volunteers. For instance, if you're most interested in non-profit organizations, search only for non-profit search engines. You get the gist.

All of this searching over search engines is done via Google Base. It's the place to submit your content and make it searchable and accessible on Google. You can look at the hundreds of custom search engines that are related to cricket, podcasts and lyrics. We also have search engines on pet rats and many flavors of legal search.

Please note that only a small fraction of existing CSEs are included in this search. We've filtered search engines based on quality, recency, traffic and other metrics.

We hope this new Custom Search Engine search feature enables you and other CSE creators to find search engines more easily, and that it ultimately provides you with better access to information in your community.