Starting today, there's a new feature that makes Custom Search Engines (CSEs) even easier to create and keep up to date.

You can now create a CSE by simply placing a small piece of tailored code on a page on your site. With that one piece of code, Google's search technology will automatically include in your new CSE all of the sites you have linked to from that page, creating a dynamic, powerful and tailored search experience really quickly. Moreover, your new CSE will update itself periodically to include any new links added to that page.

So, if you have a blog or a directory-like site and don't feel like listing all of the URLs you want to search across, you can leave the work to us. With this new feature we'll automatically generate and update your CSE for you. For example, try the query 'sculpture' on this CSE dynamically created from a page of links to kids museums or the query 'planning' on the search engine about Artificial Intelligence we created from the page of links at Berkeley.

Pretty cool, eh? We think so too. There are many powerful things you can do with this new feature, and in the near future we'll be talking about different possibilities. In the meantime, however, feel free to get your dynamic Custom Search Engine up and running. We'll be back in an instant.

Keep the feedback and great ideas coming!